There's A Stripper Shortage in Arlington TX

Arlington, Texas is playing host to the Super Bowl in ten short days.  The football event of the year brings in large crowds and generates a lot of revenue for the host city. 

As Arlington gears up for the crowds, they are facing a shortage of a hot commodity.  The XXX clubs surrounding the Cowboys Stadium are looking to hire 10,000 girls.

John Walsh, owner of Showtime Cabaret, says his club employs 50 lovely ladies but he is looking for another 100-120 ladies to handle the influx of customers he expects.  He suspects the 60 clubs in a 30 mile radius of the stadium will need at least another 10,000 girls. 

Gosh, that‘s a lot of lap dancing. How’s a girl to handle it, with a tourist to stripper ratio of 30:1?

Not to worry, after the 2003 change to city code “nude touching” is now an infraction of the law.  So nixed is the whole g-string monetary insertion process.  Patrons have to drop the bills in a tip jar instead.

I am sure the guys want to take their eyes off of the ladies to locate a tip jar.


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