当你需要做家务或工作时,你需要做 找到合适的承包商. 找到一个好的承包商是 unfortunately not always easy, especially if you have no previous experience 在这个地区有承包商. 有一些方法可以确保 contractor you hire for your next construction, renovation or other property 工作能胜任这项任务. 以下是你应该遵循的5条建议 为了找到一个好的承包商.


了解承包商的最好方法之一就是 conduct an in-person interview with them and if possible, their team. 的 interview should go over questions such as whether they work on multiple projects at the same time, their projected completion time, your expectations for the work, and any other important information that is relevant to the job.


如果你不 have any experience with the contractor or other contractors in your area, then 是时候开始寻找了 的建议. 问问周围的人,找一个有经验的人 以获得他们经验的反馈. 如果可能的话,问一下 person you are getting a recommendation from about the quality of the work and 承包商提供的客户服务.


You should investigate an active job site being worked on by that contractor in order to see for yourself what their work ethic and overall work 环境就像. 他们好像准时出发吗? 他们的行为 在工作中很专业? 他们经常休息吗? 是什么 整个工作场所的氛围和道德? 看到承包商和他们的团队 in person will give you a general idea of how they will behave when working on 你的工作.


永远不要坚持一个潜在的承包商和一个投标. Always get multiple bids for 你的工作, preferably from a range of contractors 你认为能胜任这份工作. 你也应该记住这一点 仅仅因为出价最低,并不意味着它 总体上最好的出价. 您必须考虑像整个项目这样的元素 completion time, work ethic, and other factors which could impact the quality 承包商的工作.


You should always ask to see a potential contractor’s licensing information and insurance 文档. You don’t want to find out too late the contractor doesn’t carry 没有保险或者没有驾照.  的 提出这个问题的最佳时机是在面试过程中. 如果他们不愿意提供 文书工作,然后跳过它们去找别人. 一个好的承包商总是会 be up to date with all their licensing and insurance certification and will 把它们展示给潜在客户没有问题吗.

Remember: finding a good contractor takes time and work, but with 记住上面的建议,你就会 发现整个过程不那么令人沮丧.



It is becoming more and more common to see landlords willing to agree to month to month leases for their tenants. 但是对于房东来说,月复一月的租赁真的值得吗? Let’s take a closer look at what month to month leases entail and why they may—or may not—be worth it for a landlord.

按月租赁vs. 年度租赁

传统的租约通常为12个月, though some leases may be longer depending on the property and the location. Since traditional leases lock in tenants for 12 months, there is more notice for contract renewal. A month to month lease, on the other hand, is renewed on a monthly basis. This means that tenants can renew—or not renew—their leases on a monthly basis.


landlords-not尤其是. 的 benefits to month to month leases rest primarily with tenants. Tenants can benefit from having a more flexible contract which they can leave on short notice, leaving landlords in a potential lurch if they don’t have new tenants lined up (which may be difficult depending on the time of year or if most people in the area are already locked into 12-month leases). Problems can also arise with month to month agreements if there is an issue regarding damage to the apartment or other rental space.


的re are plenty of reasons why landlords should avoid month to month leases. 最值得注意的是:


因为月度合同没有固定的结束日期, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the status of a tenancy contract. 租客会续期吗?? 或离开? This can cause a range of issues for landlords who will find themselves unsure as to whether a tenant will renew. 房东需要时间为未来的房客做广告, so suddenly needing to find new tenants with less than 30 days of notice can be a huge problem. Landlords will also need time to inspect the apartment or rental unit for damages and pursue them if necessary. 房东可能需要时间来拍新照片, 创建新列表, and all the other time-consuming actions that come with re-listing a space.


Twelve-month or longer contracts ensure that landlords have stable income, whereas month to month contracts can effectively end at any moment; this means the income from these contracts may disappear with little to no warning at all, 让房东们争先恐后地弥补差额. 不稳定对房东来说是一个严重的问题, who—like tenants—have their own bills to pay and financial obligations to meet.


对某些租客来说,按月租房听起来很有吸引力, 但对于房东, they provide nothing but instability and the unending hassle that comes with tenants who can choose to leave without hardly any warning. 房东通常应该坚持较长的合同.


Cleveland has gone through a major transformation over recent years, and we’re not just talking about it finally becoming an official City of Champions in sports circles.  Real estate has taken notice to the growth of interest in Cleveland, Ohio—and you should, too.  的re are numerous reasons why this city is so attractive to real estate developers, but we’ll give you a few of the biggest reasons why people are moving in, 并保持.




要终结一个古老的神话,我们就从 you must have immaculate credit for a landlord to consider renting to you. 这其实不是真的.  你不需要有完美的信用来租房子, but there are certain negatives that will frequently cause a rejection.

Landlords will usually reject an applicant who has had a car repossessed, or credit cards and/or utility accounts which have been charged off due to an unpaid balance. Mistakes such as a single late payment on a current account will, generally, matter less.