Alison Brie and Gillian Jacob’s Controversial Photo Shoot


Community’s Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs appear in a sexy, girl-on-girl pinup for GQ magazine (above) and while most blogs are touting the photo as sexy fun, others are turned off by the way the popular men’s magazine described the shoot.

“Our first reaction upon seeing it was ‘Hot!’ But after visiting GQ's website, we felt kind of disgusted at the magazine's description of what went down” writes Jezebel’s Whitney Jefferson. “The headline reads, ‘Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Did This Lesbian Scene for Us’ — followed up by ‘And all we had to do was ask nicely.’ Blergh.”

Jezebel was the first major blog to comment on GQ’s description, though The Inquistr does admit the magazine’s tone is “a bit date-rapishly creepy.” Most blogs simply rave about the actress’ “slim figures” (Daily Mail), “adorable shamelessness” (Salon), and “hot bodies” (Back Seat Cuddler).

As for Brie and Jacobs, the two appeared to have no qualms about striking suggestive poses for the popular men’s magazine.

“With a shoot like this," Brie said in the interview with GQ, "you're negotiating these positions together: 'Can you move your crotch a little to the left? Really get it up there.'"

"The next day we were texting each other," Jacobs added. " 'Are you sore, too?'"

What do you think of the pic and the way GQ presents it? Racy fun or creepy and inappropriate?

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