Jaquline Fischer: She Sings, She Spars, She's Sexy!

Best known as JaquieOhh, Florida girl Jaquline Fischer started out as a car model in Jacksonville before moving further south and switching to pin up, high fashion, and glamour gigs.

More recently, she's been showing off her body in bikini and lingerie work but she has several others talents as well.

"I have been singing and performing since I could walk and talk!" Jaquie told Muze Magazine. "I was always doing talent shows, in choir, theater... anything where I was in the spotlight."

She auditioned for American Idol a few seasons ago, making it through a few rounds until she was cut. Earlier this year, she started jamming with a couple of musicians and they've even played a few shows, even though they haven't come up with a band name yet. 

"I joke with them that we should just do what the Chinese do when coming up with a name for their child: drop some spoons on the ground and whatever sound they make that’s the name!" she says.

Her bandmates are boxers as well so now she's hooked on the sport.

Watch out for Jaquie as she plans on more modeling, singing, and owning her own business. "My bucket list is very long and very extravagant but it’s going to be fun as hell," she says. "Whatever I end up doing, I’m going to be the best at and you’ll remember me for it."

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