Randy Wayne: Hollywood's Next Up-and-Coming Hottie? You Decide!

Randy Wayne has appeared on several hit TV shows, like The Closer, NCIS, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, True Blood and Numb3rs. He’s wowed people with his dance moves in Honey 2, and is guilty of taking zillions of girls’ breath away by simply smiling and batting those pretty blue eyes!

Not only is Randy eye-catching, but he’s also a good guy! He shows up to charity events and loves to help people out whenever he can, according to a recent interview. He told StarCam, “I always love a good event. I love charities. I love helping people out and I'm looking forward to the company that's going to be here…”

Unfortunately for all the single ladies lusting after the dashing 30-year-old star, he is taken. His girlfriend actually appeared in the award-winning film, The Artist. Check out these pictures of the heartthrob and the full interview he had with StarCam from the Larry King Cardiac Foundation Event!

Do you think Randy is Hollywood’s next up-and-coming hottie? Let us know what you think of him in the comment section below!

Photo Source: Bent Blog

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