“True Blood’s” Deborah Ann Woll Talks Nudity, Staying Fit

Deborah Ann Woll, the actress who plays vampire Jessica Hamby on HBO’s True Blood is known for her flaming red hair and striking good looks. However, Woll, who is actually a natural blond, says looking gorgeous isn’t her top priority.

"I don't like to work out much, although I do enough to stay healthy," the 26-year-old beauty told the New Zealand Herald. “I don't really have the patience to stay in a gym for six hours a day because looking attractive is not at the forefront of my mind. I've got other things I'd rather do.”

Woll’s revelation may seem strange to fans of True Blood as most characters on the show are extremely fit to say the least. Ryan Kwanten (Jason) and Joe Manganiello (Alcide) both spend countless hours at the gym to maintain their bulging biceps and chiseled abs. Woll, however, isn’t concerned about cultivating the perfect physique.

“I got into acting for the art of it and if people decide that my body is not good enough to be on film, I'll go back to theatre,” Woll said.

Though she is comfortable with her body and her role on the notoriously sexy True Blood, Deborah is wary about getting nude in front the camera.

“I am more wary of doing nudity on film because anyone can take that out of context and use it in a way I never intended,” she explains. “So, while I love sexuality and I love nudity, and I certainly don't have any judgment about people who chose to do it, but for me, I'm careful about how and when I choose to be nude on film.”

Woll, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, appeared in ER, CSI, and My Name is Earl before joining the cast of True Blood. The popular vampire show proved to be Deborah’s big break and the red-haired beauty has since appeared in a number of movies including Catch .44, Little Murder, Highland Park, and He Loves Me

Deborah Woll is one up and coming hottie we at G10 plan to keep our eye on!

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