"True Blood’s" Joe Manganiello Poses for GQ

While True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard posed for the June issue of GQ, July belongs to Joe Manganiello, the 34-year-old actor who plays werewolf Alcide in the popular HBO series. In the latest issue of GQ, Manganiello demonstrates seven ways to dress for beach-faring weather and the results are rather impressive. Check out the drool-worthy photos below.

Though Manganiello is in undoubtedly terrific shape, the actor insists his amazing physique is all part of the script.

"If Alcide was described as weighing 300 pounds with a comb-over and missing his front teeth, that's what I would look like,” Joe said in an interview with GQ

Thankfully for the fans of True Blood, particularly the ladies, Manganiello’s character is far from unappealing. Of course, Joe's look didn't come easily. Manganiello worked out six days a week, twice a day, to acquire those chiseled abs, whittling down from 240 pounds and 18% body fat to 230 pounds and 8% body fat. Was it worth it? Check out the GQ photos and then decide.

Season 4 of True Blood begins on HBO on Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m.

Click here to see the rest of Manganiello's GQ photo shoot.

Manganiello or Skarsgard, werewolf or vampire, which do you prefer?

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